Enter the DeepTech Arena Open Innovation Program!
An acceleration process to implement your idea (Proof-of-Concept) within 3 months. Take part and turn your idea into reality!
Initiated by Kaizen Gaming in collaboration with the Athens Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation of AUEB.
Applications closed
Why apply?
Develop your own Proof-of-Concept (PoC), meet qualified executives and get the support required to implement your business idea in a real environment.
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Phases of the program

11th of September, 2023 - 8th of October, 2023
11th of September, 2023 - 8th of October, 2023

Phase Α: Share your idea

Describe your idea and introduce the team behind it. Fill in the application and be part of it!

October - December 2023
October - December 2023

Phase Β: Design the proposal

Present your business idea and receive important feedback from specialized experts and executives to improve and develop it so as to  fit the challenges of Kaizen Gaming.

December 2023 - April 2024
December 2023 - April 2024

Phase C: Validate your idea & develop your pilot project

Design the implementation plan of your business idea and receive support for the development of its pilot project in a real environment.

Thematic Areas

The challenges that the participants are expected to reach  are:

Support and Awards


Support in the form of coaching services from ACEin of the Athens University of Economics and Business for further development of innovative business models.


Consulting support from experienced Kaizen Gaming executives (mentoring) according to the needs of the team for the development of business ideas.


Pilot implementation of business proposals in a real context.

Financial award

5.000€ monetary prize will be awarded to the winning teams.

Meet the organizers

Kaizen Gaming is one of the fastest growing GameTech companies internationally with more than 2.000 employees across 13 countries. With a focus on Technology and People, Kaizen Gaming aims to continually improve its products and services to provide the best and most trusted online gaming experience to its customers around the world.

Kaizen Gaming always puts People First, as this is one of the company’s values as well. They have been certified among the Best Workplaces for 2023 in Greece and Portugal, and as a Great Place to Work across the company’s office locations.

The company has also been loyally supporting athletes and sports since the very beginning. For this reason, its Sponsorship Program includes Brand Ambassadors such as Antetokoubros and Sasha Vezenkov along with:

As part of the overall strategy for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, AUEB established the Athens Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (ACEin), the University’s Incubator. The Centre’s mission is to systematically and in a coordinated way  motivate and guide individuals and groups in initiatives that build, empower and develop entrepreneurship on a national and international level.

In particular, ACEin provides support to potential young entrepreneurs and researchers so as  to transform their innovative business ideas or scientific research results into a viable business model and subsequently into a start-up/spin-off company.